Lake Whitney Tournament

October 1 & 2, 2022

Tournament Details

MARINA: Lofers Bend

Off Limits begins 11:59 pm on Sunday, September 18th. Official practice days are Thursday, September 29th, and Friday, September 30th. Official times for practice will be texted to all teams prior to practice. Teams must be off the water by the scheduled time each day.



can be paid anytime between now and Friday, September 30th, so please don’t wait. Get online as soon as possible and get it done. Your will login using the login created for your team and complete your registration and pay the balance due. Whoever is listed as “Angler 1” on the registration for this event must match the credit card information used for payment of the balance. MUST BE PAID TO PARTICIPATE IN OFFICIAL PRACTICE.



  • You are allowed one substitute for the season.
  • If you have a substitution, please email Pamela Wilson at with your substitution’s name, email, and phone number. We want to be sure that we have contact information should we need to notify teams of anything during the tournament.



  • Off-limits begins 11:59 pm Sunday, September 18th. You may not be on tournament waters for any reason.
  • During the official off-limits period, no team shall be on tournament waters for any reason. No team may walk the shoreline, access any structure that is open to the water, or use any kind of aviation fly-overs, including the use of drones.


No-Info Rule

  • Other than using publicly available information (e.g. newspaper reports and internet reports) No fishing information may be purchased, bartered, solicited, or received from any person who entered official tournament waters during the established off-limits period.
  • For full copy of the rules, please check the website at


Take-off and Weigh-in

  • Controlled take-off each day
  • We will have the National Anthem and a prayer, and then release you by boat number.
  • Please be sure to get one of our weigh-in bags to bring your fish to weigh-in.



  • There is a fee machine at the park entrance with a fee of $5 per vehicle.
  • If you do not have a parking fee receipt on your dash, you will be cited by the park.




Angler 1 Angler 2
Spencer Fair Jayce Garrison
Scot Holzschuh Colby Bryant
Keith Bryan Brian Clark
Justin Priest Josh Priest
Randy Despino Jon Despino
Jarrett Latta Bart Blakelock
Tim Cline Chris McCall 
Jacoby Adkins Brandon Conner
Riley Blagg Keith Cullum
Cooper Thor Cade Rudiger
Mike Smithey Kyle Clark
Rodney Brooks Chad Davis
Scott Barnett Shannon McCaleb
Danny Weems Pake South
Tommy Durham Clint May
Nolan Jackson Drew Sloan
Keith Trimble Tom Kressley
Byron Albrecht Michael Johnson
Clayton Boulware Albert Collins
Russell Cecil James Nitschke
Mike Grossman Jay Kendrick
James Kiser Mike Mahan
Kelly Owens Brent Broussard
Russell Lee Landan Ware
Mike Burns Rob Burns
Todd Castledine Anthony Jones
Johnny Matthews Lowell Bennett
randy millender Curtis Neyland
Terry Hawkins Ken Smith
Shawn Temple Trent Menees
Greg McCollough Mason Roach
David Curtis Mark Mueck
Jay Stidham Brian Mathis
Michael Mayo Gary Kinard
Aaron Walker Steven Stroman
Floyd Teat Rickey Gill
Joseph Kennedy Josh Williams
Shane Gray Danny Wims
Terry Luedtke Bud Pruitt
Jordan Grimm CJ Hajek
ted pate kyle rowe
Blake Martin Tommy Martin
Seth Kelm Mike Bates
Parker Greer Jack York
Tim H. Wilcoxson Tim P. Wilcoxson
Brandon Dickenson Theron Caldwell
Shane Gray Danny Wims


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Winner: TBD