Lake Sam Rayburn Tournament

November 13 & 14, 2021

Tournament Details

MARINA: UMPHREY FAMILY PAVILION (5438 Sam Rayburn Parkway, Brookeland, TX 75931)

Off Limits begins 11:59 pm Sunday, October 31st. Official practice days are Thursday, November 11, from 6:30 am – 5:30 pm, and Friday, November 12, from 6:30 am – 5:00 pm. Teams must be off the water by the scheduled time each day.

  • Substitutions
    • You are allowed one substitute for the season.
    • If you have a substitution, please email Pamela Wilson at with your substitution’s name, email, and phone number. We want to be sure that we have contact information should we need to notify teams of anything during the tournament.
  • Off-Limits
    • Off-limits begins 11:59 pm October 31st. You may not be on tournament waters for any reason.
    • During the official off-limits period, no team shall be on tournament waters for any reason. No team may walk the shoreline, access any structure that is open to the water, or use any kind of aviation fly-overs, including the use of drones.
  • No-Info Rule
    • Other than using publicly available information (e.g. newspaper reports and internet reports) No fishing information may be purchased, bartered, solicited, or received from any person who entered official tournament waters during the established off-limits period.
    • For full copy of the rules, please check the website at
    • REMINDER about the update to the drone rule
    • In practice, drones are allowed only if used for footage of the angler.
    • In practice, no drones may be used for the assistance of practice.
    • During the tournament, drones may be flown during the controlled start. However, once your boat number has been called, all drones must be parked for the remainder of the tournament day. Absolutely no flying of drones during tournament hours.
    • We must be notified from any angler who has a drone in their possession.
  • Friday
    • We’ll be set up at Umphrey Pavilion from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm
    • You MUST come by and draw your boat number.
    • REMINDER: If you have a substitute, they will need to pay their membership fee.
  • Saturday and Sunday
    • Controlled take-off from Umphrey Pavilion. You’ll get instructions when you draw your boat number.
    • We will have the National Anthem and a prayer, and then release you by boat number.
    • Please check your emails for any tournament details.


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Winner: David Curtis and Mark Mueck

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